moving long distance with cats

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Moving Long Distance With Cats: Tips to make the move easier for your cat by Dillon L updated on October 22, 2019 October 22, 2019 Moving can be stressful, as change can be, not only to us, but to our pets as well, We have compiled the following tips to help you make your pet’s move a little easier.

In addition, some pet parents prefer private long distance pet transport over airline. Relocating cats and dogs is a more technical process than you may realize.

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Thank you for your post, Unfortunately leaving the cats at home is not a possibility, since we are moving from Brooklyn, NY to Las Vegas. We thought about flying them there but they would have tobe kept in a Kennel until we ourselves get to LV and then someone else putting them on a plane, this option has proven to be very expensive, we simply cannot afford to do that.

4. Consider a mild sedative for cat transport, if you’re going a long distance or your cat is highly-anxious. When you’re ready to make the transfer, be sure to use a car-safe cat carrier. Your cat will be anxious from all the commotion, so it’s important to have him or her in a secure carrier.

How to Drive Long Distance With a Cat – wikiHow – To drive long distance with your cat, first get a sturdy carrier that’s big enough for your cat to sit, stand, and turn around in, and leave it out in your home for a few days so your cat gets used to it.

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The thought of moving long distance with cats may seem like a near impossible task. These are my tips for making your move relatively painless. Pet friendly stores dog friendly Hotels Moving Out Checklist Moving Tips Best Places To Move Traveling With Cats Cat boarding pet travel Cat Gifts.

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