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Your Moving Checklist: 15 Things to Do Before Moving Into a New Home 1. Turn on utilities. 2. Set up internet and cable service. 3. Order an energy audit. 4. Do a deep clean. 5. Change the locks. 6. test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 7. Set up the alarm system. 8. Tackle major home.

Just follow our moving checklist and you'll become the ultimate Project. to check you've remembered everything – do this BEFORE the moving truck leaves!

Our printable moving checklist and planner covers everything you need to prepare for your next move. Use this checklist to help you stay organized, plan ahead and book a moving company ASAP! Moving Checklist & Moving Planner | You Move Me United States

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Make a list of things that are difficult to replace for shipping them. Make a list of friends, relatives and businesses who need to be notified of your move. Obtain and fill out post office change-of-address cards. Take inventory and decide what to get rid of. Start planning a yard sale or contact your local charities.

Since you need to accomplish a handful of those goals and one final task before you can move onto the next area, you might get stuck. Here’s a walkthrough of The Garden area that will get you through.

Book a moving company: Thanks to your research, you are ready to pick your movers. Pick a company you feel confident with and confirm the date, time, and details of your move. Pick a company you feel confident with and confirm the date, time, and details of your move.

Plan how to move fragile or unusual items, such as guns, pianos, fine art, pool tables or safes. The list goes on and on. The movers you hire may not be qualified to move some larger (or more expensive) items, so you may need to hire a specialty mover to do the job.

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